2007 Prince of Wales steam locomotive cylinder block construction reaches milestone

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust has announced that a major milestone has been reached in the construction of the cylinder block for the P2 locomotive No. 2007 Prince of Wales.

For the first time ever, the three cylinders were placed together to check their alignment and ensure preparations were completed for welding together to create a one-piece.

The cylinder block for 2007 was made in three sections – a center cylinder and two outer cylinders.

The Monobloc was tied together to allow dimensions to be measured with a Faro arm.

Measure the back of the block with the Faro arm // Credit: A1SLT

Then the three cylinders were then welded together to create the first one-piece since the 1940s and will weigh approximately 5 tons when complete.

The next stage of construction is a two-week welding process, followed by up to two weeks of stress relief.

A1SLT says that not only is it important that the method be proven for the P2, but the next new build project for the Trust, the V4, will also require a one-piece cylinder fabricated.

The trust also said the same working method could be used on other heritage locomotives, such as V2 4771 Green Arrow.

cylinder block front
Front of the cylinder block // Credit: A1SLT

Fundraising for the P2 is underway – and you can find out how to support the P2 project here.

Monobloc Club members were invited to visit Howco to view the Monobloc immediately after the weld was completed.

Jose P. Rogers