$29 billion for unjustifiable light rail amid cost of living crisis

As New Zealanders face a cost of living crisis with record inflation, it is unjustifiable and irresponsible for the government to press ahead with plans to build its light rail vanity project, the National Transport spokesman said. , Simon Brown.

“Documents released by the Treasury today show that Michael Wood’s commitment to light rail could explode to $29.2 billion, nearly double the cost of what was announced in January, which was already a staggering sum of nearly $15 billion.

“Treasury Boards have been scathing about the project, saying the government should not choose a preferred option for light rail until further analysis can be undertaken – advice the government has clearly ignored.

“Labour’s involvement in this vanity project will cost taxpayers a colossal $100 million before the next election, with no guarantee that shovels will be in the ground.

“The cost of this project is completely unjustifiable and the government must accept that this project is simply not worth it. Especially when New Zealanders are facing a cost of living crisis, which will only get worse if the government does not rein in wasteful spending.

Written answer to parliamentary question 44806 (2021)

Written answer to parliamentary question 40763 (2021)

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