A milestone has been reached in the overhaul of steam locomotive 4930 Hagley Hall

A milestone has been reached by the Severn Valley Railway with its flagship locomotive, GWR Hall 4-6-0 No. 4930 Hagley Hall.

On Wednesday May 11, 2022, the locomotive moved under its own power to Bridgnorth and this is the first time it has done so in 36 years.

The SVR says it cannot make firm commitments as to when the locomotive will be tested or when it should be back in service, but says both of these targets should be achieved in the coming months.

The locomotive was sold to SVR in 1972, salvaged from the scrap line at Woodhams Yard in Barry. After seven years in service on the main line and on the heritage lines, 4930 was then retired from preservation service in 1986 and spent nearly three decades on static display at a number of sites. Overhaul work began in 2013 and is now nearing completion.

You can see the first moves of the 4-6-0 in the video below:

“We’ve been waiting for this moment for many years,” said SVR engineering manager Martin White. “And even though the locomotive only moved to the MPD yard signal and back, that still marks a pretty significant milestone to get it back into service.

“There is now a list of things to settle, which were identified during the day. But above all, there is also a list of things that at this point have worked well, especially the brakes and the injectors (to put water in the boiler.)

“Much remains to be done, but I hope the entire team associated with the redesign can go home with smiles on their faces as ‘Hagley Hall’ takes another step closer to completion.”

Jose P. Rogers