Aberdeen tours canceled – an update on steam locomotive 60163 Tornado

LNER A1 #60163 Tornado is undergoing a major overhaul, scheduled for completion in June, however covid-19 impacts have resulted in boiler delays. The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust has now released an update on 60163 Tornado.

Boiler work has taken place in Germany and is due to arrive in the UK at the end of July.

There has also been a delay in the work where the Tornado drive wheels get their tires up. The crank axle wheels also needed some minor repairs before the new tires were fitted. The wheels should be delivered by mid-July.

The locomotive will take several weeks to reassemble once all the parts have been returned.

Painting, testing and certification will have to take place and it is not expected that Tornado will be ready to transport the Aberdonian train in July and August. These tours have unfortunately been cancelled.

Tender tank back in LNER Apple Green // Credit: A1SLT

The situation is further complicated by the dispute involving the RMT. There are currently still ongoing issues for the industrial action which may have major impacts on touring. This leaves a lot of unpredictability in the situation and also has a strong chance that the strikes will continue into July, meaning there is no guarantee that the network will be able to operate effectively. This means that the circuits could not be run with an alternate locomotive.

These aren’t the first tours to be canceled due to review delays – but we can’t wait to see Tornado back on the mainline.

Jose P. Rogers