Amtrak offers 5 new passenger train routes for Ohio

Columbus has been without passenger rail service since 1977, when the last train departed from Union Station, now demolished. But that could change in the near future if a new Amtrak plan moves forward to bring new rail service to Ohio.

According to an update from advocacy group All Aboard Ohio, Amtrak representatives are touting the addition of five new routes that would serve Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland and Toledo with additional points in between and connections beyond. .

The main line serving Columbus would be a version of the old “3C Corridor” plan connecting Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati with three daily round trips. This plan was formalized under Ohio Governor Ted Strickland in 2010 with allocated federal funding, but was canceled by newly elected Governor John Kasich in 2011 before construction could move forward.

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“New Federal Rail Passenger Program Depends on Support from Congress and New Biden Administration,” Says All Aboard Ohio Public Business Director Ken Prendergast. “President Joe Biden, a longtime supporter of passenger rail, has promised a “second great rail revolution.” And last year, the US House of Representatives passed the proposed new rail funding program, but it died in the US Senate. Now, with a divided Senate under new leadership, the bill has a good chance of becoming a reality.

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Of course, for funding to arrive in Ohio, cooperation from Governor Mike DeWine’s office and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is required, and All Aboard Ohio advocates that state residents contact the appropriate leaders to encourage them to take action.

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Jose P. Rogers