An update on B17 Steam Locomotive No. 61673 Spirit of Sandringham

The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust, who are building LNER B17 No 61673 Spirit of Sandringham, have sent an update on work at CTL Seal in Sheffield.

An order to manufacture the 6’8″ six wheel drive was placed with William Cook Cast Products Ltd.

These castings will use the same wheel model found on 60163 Tornado, with the models on loan to the B17 Steam Locomotive Trust from the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust.

The wheel pattern is currently being prepared in William Cook’s pattern shop, with each wheel being NDT tested using both X-ray and ultrasonic testing to ensure the product.

This new order follows recent casts of the Couple Axlebox and the two Cannon Boxes, both made by William Cook Cast Products in Sheffield.

We also recently reported that the tender for 61662 Manchester United has been moved from Worksop to Sheffield. You can read this news by clicking here, but in short…

Project 61662 Manchester United was mocking up the B17 61662 Manchester United at the Mizens rail site near Worksop.

However, last year they decided to scrap the project and dismantle the life-size model they had created. Behind the model was a real LNER Tender, used by the B17s when they were built. The Group decided to donate the tender to the B17SLT, and it was flown from Worksop to Sheffield on 31 November and 1 December.

Credit: B17 Steam Locomotive Trust

Now in Sheffield, 61662’s LNER Tender is now in storage with the other two tenders belonging to the B17 Steam Locomotive Trust. The Trust is working on grant applications to help remove existing tenders, identify what can be repurposed and hopefully start building a refurbished tender. This work must be carried out by apprentices under supervision and will form an important part of the training programme.

The intention is that the main tender being refurbished will have increased water capacity by redesigning the tank.

If you would like to donate to see a B17 on the mainline, please visit the B17 Steam Locomotive Trust website.

Jose P. Rogers