An update on steam locomotive 61673 Spirit of Sandringham

The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust has sent RailAdvent a brief update on progress in 2022 on their goals to build 61673 Spirit of Sandringham.

Two events have taken place at the CTL Seal in Sheffield in 2022.

The first was on the 23rdrd Avril which saw one of the cast wheel drives on display with a cleaned and primed chassis.

Last weekend (8e October), the group held their first annual general meeting at CTL Seal for the first time since the group moved to Sheffield from Llangollen in October 2020.

Two of the newly machined horn blocks were available for viewing at the AGM.

In addition, work is underway in various places and the necessary equipment for the future has been acquired:

  • Forged steel for the two smooth axles (intermediate and rear).
  • Forged steel for all Coupled and Bogie wheels.

In addition, roller bearings for all axles of the locomotive have been ordered.

Machining is currently underway at no less than three different sites in the UK:

  • Cannon Axleboxes and Coupled Axleboxes castings.
  • The Hornblock castings.
  • Hornblock liners.
First two machined hooves // Credit: B17 SLT

The drive wheels have now been machined and measured and are currently undergoing non-destructive testing.

This means the group is well on its way to completing the axles for the single axle wheels, and attention has now turned to the bogie for which the trust has two important parts.

The first step is the fabrication of the 12-spoke bogie wheel model, then the casting of four wheels while the final frame design is made.

Finally, the design of the three cylinders as fabrications is almost complete.

You can find more information on how you can support the B17 Steam Locomotive Trust at

Jose P. Rogers