Ardern must end light rail

The Auckland Taxpayers Alliance calls on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to end the failed Auckland tram project following revelations the government plans to spend an additional $16m on private consultants.

Taxpayers Alliance
spokesman Josh Van Veen said: “Too much public money is going into the pockets of big multinational companies like Aurecon and Arup; why? The government has already invested $66 million in light rail despite strong opposition from taxpayers and taxpayers in Auckland.

Auckland’s new mayor, Wayne Brown, has campaigned against the light rail project. Brown won a landslide victory. He is expected to voice his concerns about the project when he meets Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern this morning.

“The Premier is known for her sensible and pragmatic leadership. It must heed the call of the people of Auckland,” Mr Van Veen said. “Only offshore consultants and a few ideologues in Wellington want light rail. It’s nothing more than a gravy train for those who cut the ticket.

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