Auckland light rail: National slams ‘consultant sauce train’, government defends $16m bill

Artist’s impression of the light rail in Auckland. Photo / Provided

The government is spending $16 million to determine and cost the next phase of light rail in Auckland, which National says is becoming “butter sauce” for consultants.

Last month, the multinational engineering and design

“Not only have they failed to do so in the five years since they came to power, but all they have done is spend millions of taxpayer dollars on advisory reports. “, did he declare.

National has promised to scrap Auckland’s light rail if it wins next year’s general election.

Wood said continuing the project was a priority for the government and was confident the investment in the alliance would help deliver light rail to transform the way people travel in the Super City.

During the election campaign, Brown opposed light rail, arguing that no one had explained what the problem was that needed to be solved, and criticized Wellington-initiated projects being imposed on Auckland.

On election day, Brown also said: ‘Let me be very clear: Wellington’s job is to listen to what the people of Auckland are saying about our priorities and fund them – not to impose ideological agendas like the $30 billion airport tram, unfettered housing escalation and Three Waters on a city that doesn’t want it.”

Jose P. Rogers