Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed train to reach 350 km/h in June, fifth line in China to run at such speed

High-speed train. Photo: CGV

The operating speed of the high-speed railway linking Beijing and Guangzhou in south China’s Guangdong Province will reach 350 kilometers per hour (km/h) in June, China Railway said Friday. It will become the fifth high-speed train in China operating at such speed.

From June 20, the section linking Beijing to Wuhan, capital of Hubei province (central China), will operate at 350 km / h. The section passed the trial test on May 13, marking a significant achievement in the construction of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail safety standard demonstration line.

The test used the Fuxing high-speed train and a high-speed integrated test vehicle, with comprehensive verification of tracks, bridges, telecommunications, signals and overhead line system. During the test, the speed of the train once reached 385.1 km/h.

After the acceleration, the minimum transportation time from Beijing to Wuhan, a journey of about 1,330 kilometers, will be reduced to 3 hours and 48 minutes.

The current maximum operating speed of the Beijing-Guangzhou rail is 310 km/h. Among which, the Wuhan-Guangzhou section, opened in 2009, originally operated at 350 km/h and the speed was later reduced to 300 km/h since 2011. The Beijing-Wuhan section, opened in 2012, operates between 300 and 310 km/h.

Construction of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed train, with a total length of 2,300 kilometers, was completed in December 2012. The railway has carried 1.6 billion passengers so far.

Currently, there are only four high-speed trains in China running at 350 km/h, mostly for short distances. These are the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train, the Beijing-Tianjin intercity train, the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed train, and parts of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed train. The Beijing-Guangzhou rail is also the longest in terms of travel distance.

Except for maglev, 350 km/h is the world’s fastest speed in land transportation, and China’s high-speed train is also the world’s fastest.

Other high-quality standard trains and Fuxing bullet trains will run between Beijing and Wuhan from June 20. The ticket will be sold at market price, starting at 410 yuan ($60.4).

Ye Yangsheng, the chief engineer of China Railway, reportedly said in a statement sent by China Railway to the Global Times on Friday that it is a complicated and systematic project to promote the standardization of high-speed rail running at 350 km/h, taking into account the technical condition, market demand, operating costs and environmental renovation.

The Wuhan-Guangzhou section has been operating for a relatively long time, “with more tunnels, more impact from the external environment and more track defects”, China Railway said, noting that it will carry out a comprehensive improvement of the section to clear the way for speeding. at the top.

Among China’s high-speed trains with a planned speed of 350 km/h, there are still more than 20 lines that have not yet reached the planned speed, the news site reported.

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