Bluebell Railway Steam Locomotive Update

The Bluebell Railway-based locomotive, Fenchurch, is on the home stretch of its overhaul, and a number of people have asked what plans are in place once the overhaul is complete.

Bluebell Railway Locomotive Manager Paul Russell has released an update on plans for further work.

Once Fenchurch is complete, the short to medium term plan is that the focus can shift to finishing SR Battle of Britain Class Pacific No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair.

Paul says there are about two months of work left on the boiler, but before attention turns to 34059, the Bluebell team wants to implement H-class #263 for a few weeks to get the boiler out of frames to allow for an evaluation to take place and parts to be ordered.

With the rating ordered, this will mean that work on the Class H’ boiler can start when the 34059 boiler is complete.

While the overhaul of Southern Railway West Country Class No.21C123 “Blackmoor Vale” is not expected to start until the overhaul of BR 9F No. 92240 is complete, a brand new firebox now awaits at South Devon Railway to be installed.

To get the ball rolling, No. 21C123 “Blackmoor Vale” is scheduled to start work in the spring of 2023 so that the boiler can be removed and returned for work to begin.

The siding will be replaced and the locomotive returned to the yard.

Once 34059 is complete and 21C123’s boiler is missing, a decision can then be made on how to use the workshop to enable the overhaul of 263 and 928 ‘Stowe’ as well as the completion of the class Atlantic.

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Jose P. Rogers