Boiler Back in Frame – 70000 Britannia steam locomotive overhaul update

Locomotive Services Group has released an update on the ongoing refit of British Railways (BR) Standard Class 7 No.70000 “Britannia” at Crewe-based London & North Western Railway (LNWR) Heritage.

Since withdrawing from traffic in September 2020, when the 70,000 boiler ticket expired, the LNWR Heritage team have undertaken the overhaul of the locomotive to bring it back to main line standards.

More recently, this has involved raising the boiler into the engine’s rolling frame using a gantry crane.

The boiler department spent countless hours making repairs to the boiler, and their work paid off with successful hydro and steam testing.

These tests are performed with the boiler out of the frame, to allow boiler inspectors to examine the boiler and boilermakers to have easier access to fix problems if they arise.

Return boiler in frame // Credit Locomotive Services Group
Return boiler in frame // Credit Locomotive Services Group

The rolling chassis and the many components that make it up are checked by the Mechanical Department, which ensures that every part, big or small, is suitable for mainline operation.

Components such as axle boxes for coupled wheel assemblies are easier to examine when the boiler is out of the frame.

Visit the Locomotive Services Group Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest Crewe news.

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