Bookworm commuter fumes on Sydney’s light rail

A shocking video of a tram passenger insulting another passenger who was reading a book about Chinese Chairman Mao has surfaced online.

A video on the internet shows a man holding a can of raspberry cider while yelling at the Sydney bookworm about political correctness after learning to say the iconic communist’s name.

“Can you imagine that there are 50 different genres? The guy in the hat mocks the reader. Mao can be recognized as a dog, right? Oh, phew!

The Passenger does not appear to be phased by him and chooses to ignore him remaining silent in response.

The boisterous commuter adds: ‘And if you say anything against it, you’re a fucking racist, homophobic’, as other commuters try to disconnect him. 50 million different genres.

The jet is interrupted by a small youth in a stroller making animal noises.

Before he’s seemingly changed his mind, the doting then appears to threaten to punch the commuter in the head: “I’ll kick your skull when we get down, man.”

“God bless you, man. God bless you. You can believe all you want, but my family and I have experienced this. Communism is ineffective,’

The reader then puts down his book, Mao’s Great Hunger – a non-fiction about how the communist revolution brought famine and bloodshed to China – in order to pick up his phone.

The cider-wielding passenger persisted in complaining that book readers were “privileged”. Because we are white, we will make socialism work, he continued.

Many people who saw the original video online were absolutely puzzled and praised the reader of the book for keeping their cool.

Another person said, “(This) man just doesn’t even answer him, doesn’t give him the revenge he wants.”

Do you think (the reader) flexes his right calf to show off and establish dominance? One more joked.

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Jose P. Rogers