Brightline high-speed train fails to live up to safety promises

The Brightline should be banned. Thirty-two times a day, almost empty trains drive through our neighborhood as cars and trucks, which must idle at every railroad crossing waiting for trains to pass, contribute significantly to air and noise pollution and traffic congestion in West Palm Beach. The Brightline, does not contribute to our quality of life. It has proven to be a hazard and an irritant to our already tested way of life here in South Florida.

Mary Hilliard, West Palm Beach

Brightline needs better motorists

Once again bad headlines for Brightline. The cause? Driver stupidity. Maybe an IQ test should be integrated into the driver’s license test.

Michael J. Genzale, Boynton Beach

Students need truth in education

As a retired educator of more than 25 years, I am again appalled by our state legislators’ current intrusion into the classroom. They attempt to control conversations about history and current political ideologies for votes. They give absolutely no credit to brilliant students who will ask questions, yes, tough questions that deserve honest answers.

It is the job of an educator to tell the truth. That is, acknowledging the harsh and horrible events that have happened in our country, but then highlighting the progress we have made. Wasn’t the collapse of the former Soviet Union partly caused by a lack of leadership? Were they not educated to do as they were told and not to ask questions? Isn’t there a strong correlation between a lack of authoritarianism and an education system where students are taught to think critically? What do current leaders see for the future of our country? I praise these children who ask many questions.

Nancy Knowlton, Boynton Beach

Will we solve the COVID mystery?

In 2019, everything was normal. In March 2020, nothing was normal. Since then, the United States has suffered the worst disruption the country has ever seen. The grief of 900,000 dead, costs, inconvenience and exhaustion caused by this pandemic is incalculable. There is no clear end in sight. No one in authority seems to know or care why or how this disaster happened. Thus, the greatest mystery of modern times remains unsolved. We need Paul Harvey to tell us ‘the rest of the story’, but Paul is no longer with us.”

Don Demsky, Jupiter

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Jose P. Rogers