Colebrookdale RR will run a steam locomotive in 1-2 years | Berks Regional News

BOYERTOWN, Pa. — Something was missing on the Colebrookdale Railroad. In his future now lies a gift from the past.

“If you think of Pennsylvania’s golden age, there really is no machine that better represents that golden age than the steam locomotive,” said Nathaniel Guest, executive director of the Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust. .

The Boyertown-based railroad announces that steam is back on track. A 109-year-old steam locomotive it should receive from Michigan is getting back to basics a bit.

“The locomotive that is the first to join our steam program is number 5030, and it was built in Philadelphia in August 1912,” Guest said, “so you would think that just a few months after the sinking of the Titanic, this locomotive emerged from tearing down stores in Philadelphia and was shipped to the Grand Trunk Western Railway, where it ran on passenger trains as a passenger locomotive, making it a perfect fit in just about every way.

Colebrookdale officials said the 5030 engine would take about a year or two to come back to life. The railroad said this was just one of many important announcements it would make in the coming weeks.

“The Colebrookdale Railroad is one of those experiences that not only teaches us about our past, the things we did well, the things we could have done better,” Guest said, “but it’s also the one of those experiences that brings us together to celebrate what makes life worth living.”

Those interested in volunteering or donating to the Steam program can learn more at Get Involved – Colebrookdale Railroad.

Jose P. Rogers