Commuter light rail to resume construction in Maryland

Washington area’s ‘first direct commuter-to-commuter rail line’, the Purple Line, will resume construction after more than a year of delays, reports Katherine Shaver in the Washington Post. “The Maryland Transit Administration has continued to oversee some work, such as relocating utility lines. However, a team led by U.S. subsidiaries of Spanish companies Dragados and OHL will do most of it.

“Reviving a megaproject that has been dormant since September 2020 is no small feat. It takes bringing in personnel and equipment from across the country to speed up 16 miles of abandoned construction site,” Shaver writes. Much of the underground work has been completed The Glenridge Operations and Maintenance Facility [in Prince George’s County] was built,” Terry Gohde, project manager for Maryland Transit Solutions, said in an interview. Other essential components of the projects are nearing completion. Doran Bosso, CEO of Purple Line Transit Partners, pointed out that production of line cars continues unabated. “We have 10 or 12 vehicles that could be shipped to the site today if we got the track and other facilities built.”

Gohde said, “The opening date is October 2026. But the public will get a glimpse of the [light-rail] vehicles driving on road works [during the testing phase] about a year before that, in the fall of 2025.”

Jose P. Rogers