Deccan Queen gets a modern LHB rake

Deccan Queen which connects Pune to Mumbai is set in a brand new version. It is one of the oldest running trains in the country and recently completed 92 years of service. The train is now equipped with new Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches in green-red colors and a new dining car. It is also the first train to feature a dining car.

The word ‘Queen of Deccan’ fits perfectly as it connects two important cities – Mumbai and Pune. The new Deccan Queen design, also known as Dakkhan ki Rani, was decided in February. The train was designed by the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad with the Board of Railways, Research, RDSO, ICF in Chennai and Central Railway officials.

Shivaji Sutar, Public Relations Manager of Central Railway (CR), according to a report, said Mumbai-Nashik Panchavati Express, Mumbai-Pune Deccan Express, Mumbai-Firozpur Punjab Mail, Mumbai-Jaynagar Pawan Express and Mumbai-Gondia Vidarbha Express , are important trains with LHB cars. These operate a total of 103 station trains with 15 trainsets.

Deccan Queen now has a 40-seater dining car with wooden tables, brand new chairs and bigger windows to take in the stunning views of Mumbai and Pune. According to reports, the upgraded version has 15 coaches. It also includes AC chair cars, eight second class chair cars, AC dining car, Vista dome car, generator car and brake van.

Deccan Queen made its first trip on June 1, 1930. It is considered a milestone in the history of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway. It is also the first luxury train service of Indian Railways. The train had seven cars with only first and second class, initially. In 1955 third class accommodation was provided. In 1996, the cars’ original rakes were replaced with steel-bodied anti-telescopic integral cars produced by ICF, Perambur.

Jose P. Rogers