Deutsche Bahn announces Egyptian high-speed rail deal at COP27

The German National Railway Company today signed an agreement for the construction of a high-speed railway in Egypt.

Deutsche Bahn will build a 2,000 kilometer (1,200 mile) rail network in Egypt. The first line will connect Cairo and Alexandria to the new administrative capital currently planned. Two additional lines will connect Luxor along the Nile, the historical sites of Abu Simbel and the port of Hurghada on the Red Sea. The project will eventually provide rail access to 90% of Egyptians, Deutsche Bahn said in a press release.

Deutsche Bahn signed the agreement at the UN Climate Conference COP27which kicked off this week in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh.

German company Siemens will build the railway infrastructure and also supply the passenger and freight trains, according to the statement. Siemens first agreed to help Egypt with a last ear high-speed railway.

Why is this important: Egypt’s current rail transport system has major safety issues despite the the government’s efforts to modernize this. Train accidents are common the fact that the Egyptian railway is the second oldest in the world, neglect and a variety of other factors.

The German rail system has a good reputation for safety and speed.

Know more: Other countries in the region are also working on railway projects. The United Arab Emirates unveiled their first railway over water in July. The United Arab Emirates and Oman also signed a cooperation agreement on the construction of a high-speed train in September. Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Jordan also have ongoing rail projects.

Egypt has also signed $15 billion value of climate-related partnerships at COP27 today.

And after: Deutsche Bahn said railways connecting Cairo and Alexandria could start operating by 2025.

Jose P. Rogers