Fatal shooting, battered woman on Seattle light rail

Crime in Seattle’s light rail stations has residents worried. One person was shot and killed and a second was injured outside the Tukwila stop. Those who frequently take the train face the perception of increased crime and danger. A 62-year-old woman was brutally beaten earlier this month.

Runners say things are happening that scare them. Some think it’s regular at certain stops. Guns being fired at riders as well as drug sales are part of the norm that some riders expect to see.

The fatal shooting earlier this month raised concerns among residents. Sound Transit authorities believe the concerns are not based in fact. The agency says the data shows an overall safe environment for its passengers.

The perception is real however, the agency provided information which shows that in 2022, 27 assaults were reported. Rail carries an average of 1.6 million passengers per month. Some think security can do a much better job.

On March 2, surveillance video showed suspect Alexander Jay riding an escalator at the South Jackson Street and 5th Avenue light rail station and randomly attacking a woman climbing the stairs. He allegedly pushed the 62-year-old woman down the stairs twice and then kicked her several times. The woman received three broken ribs and a broken collarbone.

Jose P. Rogers