hubballi: the passenger train receives an electric locomotive | Hubballi News

Hubballi: South Western Railway replaced the Hubballi–Guntakal–SSS Hubballi passenger train diesel locomotive with an electric one on 1 June.
Running train No. 07337/07338 SSS Hubballi – Guntakal- SSS Hubballi Daily Passenger on electricity will help SWR save 2,056 liters of diesel per day and more than 61,000 liters per month.
SWR converted/expanded to run electric motors in 24 trains each in fiscal years 2019-20 and 2020-21. In 2021-22, 30 trains were converted to electric traction.
From December 2021, in Hubballi Division, three pairs of trains – Train No. 16592 / 16591 Mysuru – SSS Hubballi – Mysuru Hampi Express, Train No. 17225 / 17226 Vijayawada – SSS Hubballi – Vijayawada Amaravathi Express and Train No. 17313 17314 SSS Hubballi – Dr MGR Chennai Central – SSS Hubballi Express has been converted to run with an electric motor through and through.
Train No. 17415 / 17416 Tirupati – Kolhapur – Tirupati Haripriya Express runs with an electric locomotive between Guntakal and Hubballi. Besides the new train No. 17329 / 17330 SSS Hubballi – Vijayawada – SSS Hubballi Express also operates with an electric locomotive.
SWR chief executive Sanjeev Kishore said SWR is actively working to phase in more trains to electric traction over the next year, with a focus on sections where electrification has already been completed.
This was made possible thanks to the record electrification achieved by SWR. In 2021-2022, SWR achieved 511.7 RKM of electrification, SWR said.

Jose P. Rogers