Indian Railways Operates First Electric Locomotive Passenger Train | Watch the video

Indian Railways, as part of a major infrastructure boost, operated the first passenger train with an electric locomotive to Kamakhya Station, which falls under the Lumding Division of the North East Frontier Railway Zone ( NFR).

Kamakhya station is next to Guwahati which is the main station for the northeast area.

The first passenger train to arrive in Kamakhya with an electric locomotive was the Brahmaputra Mail from Delhi. The train crosses Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal before entering Assam.

“Brahmaputra Mail today became the 1st @RailMinIndia passenger train reaching NE completing its journey from Delhi to Kamakhya of over 2000 km through the electrified territory. DN Brahmaputra Mail also departed Kamakhya for Delhi with electric traction. Thus starting a new era,” according to a tweet from NF Railway.

“Indian Railways has taken a milestone in rail electrification by commissioning RaninagarJalpaiguri – Guwahati 382RKM. Brahmaputra Mail has started its first run on electric traction from Kamakhya,” according to another tweet from an account. Official Twitter of Indian Railways.

Earlier, the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) Zone of Indian Railways successfully completed the electrification works of a total of 649 Road Kilometers (RKM) / 1294 Ton Kilometers (TKM) of High Density Network (HDN) from Katihar to Guwahati, the Ministry of Railways said.

According to an official statement, the electrification works will now connect all the major cities of the country to Guwahati in continuous electric traction. This is a new effort by NFR for capital connectivity through green transportation, the statement said.

With the electrification of the railway network up to Guwahati, Indian Railways said it will benefit ordinary people and the overall economy in the following ways:

-Additional Rajdhani express trains can now be introduced for northeastern states like Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Sikkim.

-15 pairs of existing trains to/from Kamakhya/Guwahati can run with an additional passenger car by eliminating a power car, thus improving passenger throughput.

-NF railways have difficult terrain with a large number of graded sections, curves, bridges. Electric traction will eliminate the need for multi-diesel locomotives, as the higher HP electric motors can maintain higher speed in the downhill section.

-Travel time between Guwahati and Katihar/Malda Town is likely to reduce by up to 2 hours as trains can now travel at a higher speed due to better acceleration/deceleration.

– Improving line capacity by up to 10-15% will lead to reduced congestion levels on many sections of the NF railway, allowing more coach trains to run.

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Jose P. Rogers