KRQE Newsfeed: Fabian Gonzales, Mother Hobbs, Mountain Storms, Bullet Train, Rio Rancho Grocery

Thursday’s Best Stories

The five facts of Thursday

[1] Fabian Gonzales trial: Day 2 – The trial of Fabian Gonzales, the man accused of helping to dismember and burn the body of 10-year-old Victoria Martens, continues Thursday. Jessica Kelley will be back at the helm this morning. She is the only person we know was inside the flat when 10-year-old Victoria Martens was murdered. Now she is testifying in the case against her cousin, Fabian Gonzales.

[2] Hobbs’ mother charged with stabbing her 11-year-old son to death – A mother is accused of stabbing her 11-year-old son to death in Hobbs. Mary Johnson and her son, Bruce, were found stabbed in a north Dal Paso home over the weekend. Lea County deputies say Bruce died in hospital, but not before telling them his mother was responsible. Mary Johnson survived what MPs say were self-inflicted stab wounds. The boy’s father told investigators he and his son moved to Hobbs, Oklahoma to get away from Mary, who was abusing the boy. She eventually moved to Hobbs to spend time with him before their divorce was finalized. She is charged with first degree murder.

[3] More mountain storms to end the work week – This morning is sunny and mild, with no problems for the morning commute. Dry eastern air is keeping all of eastern New Mexico and much of the Rio Grande Valley and the Four Corners dry today. We will see isolated storms in the mountains, especially the northern and western highlands.

[4] Lawmakers renew push for high-speed rail across New Mexico – There’s a new push for high-speed rail across New Mexico. The idea is proposed by Senator for Las Cruces, Bill Soules. The train would travel between 150 and 200 miles per hour from Chihuahua, Mexico, then through New Mexico, to Denver. Senator Soules acknowledges that it would be a long, difficult and expensive project, but argues that it would be worth it. New tracks should be built to secure the high-speed system.

[5] City officials break ground on development of new retail space in Rio Rancho – A new concept grocery store is in the works in Rio Rancho. The village of Rio Rancho in Unser and Westside is run by Albertson. It will feature Albertson’s Market Street, restaurants and other retailers inside the store. The space has been under construction for two decades. Officials say it could create around 400 jobs in the area. The village is expected to be completed in the fall of next year.

Jose P. Rogers