LA Metro Board may be ready to officially advance light rail project

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor

The San Fernando Valley Light Rail Project is a 9.2 mile route.

The San Fernando Valley may well have a good run for light rail projects.

The LA Metro Board of Directors will vote Aug. 25 on preliminary design and management services for the proposed 9.2-mile rail line east of the San Fernando Valley. A seven-year contract with Arcadis Mott MacDonald for construction management support is also to be considered. services to oversee the construction of the East Valley light rail line. This contract alone is estimated at around $66 million.

The planned line will travel north from the Van Nuys Metro G Line station to the Sylmar/San Fernando Metrolink station and will include a total of 14 at-grade stations. The first section of the line will have trains running through the center of Boulevard Van Nuys. The second segment travels northwest an additional 2.5 miles along the Metrolink rail line.

San Fernando Valley officials said they need to push for the proposed East Valley Light Rail Line to be included in Measure M, which is a half-cent sales tax for transportation capital projects passed by Los Angeles County voters in 2016.

The project could cost up to $3.6 billion, with some money from Measure M, some from Measure R, and additional funding from state and federal grants. However, there is a funding gap that has yet to be revealed. Construction could begin later this year.

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Jose P. Rogers