Letter: What is the status of the final needs study for the ONTC passenger train prior to the announcement of the new Timmins terminal?

He questions the rationale for moving the last terminal to Timmins from Cochrane

Open letter to ONTC CEO Corina Moore.

Yes, I am concerned about the future plans announced on November 5, 2021 by Minister Mulroney, but nonetheless in a tweet. Why was there no press release issued with the size, details and ramifications of this decision? So what was the rationale behind the decision to move the final terminal to Timmins from Cochrane? Please make this public for all to understand, thank you.

As a former mayor and lifelong northerner, I witnessed the demolition of a perfectly sound terminal at the Porquis Junction hub, to be replaced by a bus shelter, which was then removed for service. bus at Iroquois Falls. Now Swastika has also been demolished, again, without any public consultation or knowledge. Now you want to ditch a fully functional service facility in Cochrane to move your hub to Timmins. Where is the logic in that, and again, why was this announcement made before the consultant’s final report?

As you know, this means that passengers on the Polar Bear Express bound for Cochrane from the coast will get off the train in Cochrane and take a bus to Timmins to hop on another train heading south.

Well, have you even consulted with the First Nations people who use your train service. For your information, Timmins is approximately 110 kilometers or 1 1/2 hours by bus from Cochrane.

In my opinion put the hub back to Porquis Junction keep the line to Cochrane with the repair facility intact and run a line back to Timmins with your bus terminus we have in Iroquois Falls to see if Timmins will support the train at all . Remember they have an airport serving the south from two different airlines.

Based on your illogical decisions, I request delegation at your next board meeting, preferably in person, suggesting to Cochrane as before, before any word changes occur. Perhaps some of the mayors/local councilors will show up for you to hear their thoughts, opinions and rationale for your plan to move the terminal to Timmins.

Was it the minister who made that decision or was it a recommendation from the council? By the way, what is the estimated cost of this decision? I would also like to review your cost report, justifying this decision!

All, please see the links below and Corina, please forward to all members of the ONTC Board of Directors.




James A. Brown

Iroquois Falls

Jose P. Rogers