Light Rail Safety and Standards Board Appoints Safety Risk Manager

Plans to develop a comprehensive, industry-wide risk model received a major boost with a key appointment by the organization responsible for driving light rail safety.

Laura Reardon joined the Light Rail Safety and Standards Commission as the Security Risk Manager and will also be responsible for working closely with individual networks on the administration, development and implementation of their own models, as well as the national project.

Having worked in the rail industry for 13 years, she brings a wealth of experience to this new role. Previously, Laura worked for Atkins SNC-Lavalin, where she led the consultancy’s infrastructure security and risk management team, serving as the transportation technical authority for engineering security management. .

Alongside her safety risk modeling work for mainline train operators, she has already helped lead the deployment of the existing light rail safety risk model and will now contribute to its continued development within the LRSSB team.

Carl Williams, Managing Director of LRSSB, explained: “We are delighted to welcome Laura to a new role within our organization, and her previous experience will prove invaluable as we step up our plans to support members in their own risk modeling.

“It will also help us refine an industry model that is already contributing significantly to further improvements in light rail safety.”

As part of her responsibilities, Laura will also facilitate the sharing of experience and data between light rail professionals in the UK and overseas, and will also work collaboratively to develop standardized methods for monitoring safety risks. , data collection, review and control across the sector.

Laura, a recent finalist for the Women of the Future Awards in Real Estate, the Infrastructure and Construction, and the Everywoman in Transport and Logistics Awards in Infrastructure, said, “The LRSSB has made great strides since its inception to coordinate progress in the safety and setting industry standards.

“I am delighted to take on a dedicated role in advancing the organization’s work program to support the light rail sector’s understanding and control of safety risks.

“I look forward to working closely with Systems to ensure they see the direct impact of their performance and involvement, and subsequently realize the continued development of the industry.”

Photo credit: Light Rail Safety and Standards Commission

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Jose P. Rogers