Locomotive Services Group Releases Update On Steam Locomotive 60532 Blue Peter

Locomotive Services Group has released an update on LNER A2 4-6-2 No. 60532 Blue Peter.

60532 is the only surviving A2 and is owned by the Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust and is being overhauled at Crewe.

A lot of minor, but important work has been completed since the last update and the progress is really visible.

From the locomotive frames, the horn guides have undergone crack repairs and are now attached to the frames. The frames themselves have been lined up, ready to receive the axleboxes.

Moving on to the cylinders, the three cylinders of the A2 were mounted on the frames. The extensive cracking that was found on the central cylinder meant that new casting was needed.

60532 cylinders // Credit: Locomotive Services Group

New valve heads, pins and valve crossmembers have been machined to fit the guides

A new eccentric pulley was needed, as the old one was beyond wear limits, so a casting was made and machined.

60532’s newly repaired running boards and splashes are riveted, and new pads, tow hooks, and shackles have been fabricated.

The front bogie casting was beyond repair so a replacement has been cast and is, at the time of writing, being machined.

Blue Peter’s brake box, which sits under the cab, was to be replaced with a new casting and the main drive axle was fitted with new crankpins.

Moving on to the tender, a new tender tank has been fabricated and has now been fitted to the frames. The brake gear for the tender, and the engine, were overhauled out of the box.

New Tender Tank for 60532
New tender tank for 60532 // Credit: Locomotive Services Group

Finally, the work saw the locomotive reverser overhauled and fitted, the governor weld repaired and a new set of cylinder drain valves awaiting machining.

You can see the progress of Crewe-based locomotives on the Locomotive Services Group Facebook page.

Jose P. Rogers