Luohu port to get East Rail and high-speed rail links as $1.16m study program kicks off

Shenzhen’s Luohu Port border post will be rebuilt to accommodate a future extension of the East Rail Line to the north as Shenzhen began accepting tenders for a 990,000 yuan ($1.16 million) study HK) on the project.

The tender for the study of the mainland side of the Lo Wu passage, used since 1986, ends on May 17.

According to transport authority documents, the redeveloped crossing will be the southern end of the Ganzhou-Shenzhen high-speed railway, with room reserved for connections to the eastern railway line.

This will pave the way for the Northern Metropolis envisioned in the policy to be connected to China’s high-speed rail network.

News of the reconstruction came as rail services in Hong Kong went smoothly on the first day of the East Rail Line operating with nine car trains instead of 12 before the line was extended.

During the morning rush hour, there were not too many people on the platform heading for Hung Hom at Tai Wai Station, with most passengers able to board the first train to arrive.

But sometimes there were groups of passengers who insisted on boarding the first carriages when there was room at the back of the train, and they had to wait for the next train because they were full.

This happened despite the deployment of staff by MTR Corp to divert and encourage passengers to the rear cars.

The MTRC has moved to streamline boarding amid doubts over whether the nine-car trains can keep up with passenger demand once the line’s trans-port extension begins services on May 15 at the station Admiralty via the new exhibition center station.

Legislator and former MTR station manager Gary Zhang Xinyu suggested the train operator increase the frequency of east line services to two minutes during peak hours.

“If the frequency is two minutes per train during peak hours, the load capacity of nine-car trains will be roughly equal to that of 12-car trains running at three-minute intervals,” he said. he declares.

He said the MTRC should prepare as the line is currently resisting a lack of incoming visitors, but once the trans-port extension begins service there will be more bus commuters moving to the East Rail Line.

The news came as the MTRC announced the signing of three agreements with the government and the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corp to operate the extension for a period of 10 years.

Jose P. Rogers