Main Line New Construction steam locomotive groups meet for second time in Sheffield

Six groups of new-build steam locomotives, all with the same aim of completing their locomotives suitable for the UK main line, held a successful second meeting at CTL Seal Ltd in Sheffield.

The group consisted of the B17 Steam Locomotive Trust, Class G5 Locomotive Company, General Steam Navigation Locomotives Restoration Society, LMS Patriot Company, P2 Steam Locomotive Company, and Standard Steam Locomotive Company.

Giles Turner of the Office of Rail and Road was the keynote speaker at the meeting, who explained ORR’s views on the process of introducing steam locomotives to the mainline and the procedure for submitting certificates and other documents for a new locomotive.

Graham Nicholas of the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (P2 Steam Loco Company) shared examples of technical risk identification and risk analysis that are currently being prepared for the new P2 in partnership with Ricardo Certification Ltd, and this may be followed as models for other projects.

Looking ahead, the group has now agreed to share technical and engineering information and the first step for this is a list of suppliers for major components along with experience with those suppliers.

It is expected that there will also be an exchange of technical information on engineering matters surrounding the introduction of new steam locomotives to the network.

After the first meeting, the King George V Locomotive Trust and the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland approached the group to see if they could join the new partnership. The group voted unanimously to welcome them on board and any other interested groups are asked to contact one of the founding members.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 2023.

Alistair Leach, Principal Consultant at Ricardo Rail, said: “It is truly encouraging to see the groups involved sharing their knowledge and using common approaches to meet the challenges of building 20e Century locomotives for safe operation on a 21st Railway of the Century”.

Jose P. Rogers