Not on D: Light Rail Connections of the Future – Santa Cruz Sentinel

The Watsonville City Council opposes Measure D, as does the City of Santa Cruz. The League of Women Voters opposes it as well as a long list available on the No on D site.

There are three ways to travel from the county from south to north. Highway 1, Freedom Boulevard, and potentially using our existing rail line. People may have noticed the upgrade to the Salinas train station parking lot. In the near future, the Capitol Corridor is expected to enter service. A light rail between Santa Cruz and Pajaro would mean a connection to the state rail system. Planning has been done for a Pajaro station.

Twenty years ago, California voted to build rail as an alternative to building endless new highways, which always resulted in new traffic jams. I see light rail as an investment in a new future for transportation.

—Alan Clarke, Watsonville

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Jose P. Rogers