Our little county cannot support the light rail system – Santa Cruz Sentinel

A letter released April 19 says we need to build a world-class rail system from Davenport to Watsonville. Question: why? Most local traffic is between Santa Cruz County and San Jose, Silicon Valley. A Watsonville to Davenport train does nothing about that. Who would use it? Example: Someone wants to go from West Santa Cruz to Macy’s on 41st Avenue. Would she go through the effort and expense of a rail pass, drive to a station, park, wait for a train, then Capitola station to Macy’s (walk or tram?), then back at the station, waiting for the train. Or would she jump in her car, drive to Macy’s, then Home Depot for potting soil, then Safeway?

Best light rail: Moscow (11 million people, Athens 3 million, New York 8 million… our county has 273,000 people. We don’t need the devastation and astonishing cost of a light rail system.

—Grace Gerbrandt, Santa Cruz

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Jose P. Rogers