Passenger train derails in Gondia district, Maharashtra after colliding with freight train

Three bogies of a passenger train derailed in Gondia, Maharashtra, injuring at least many people on Wednesday morning. However, there were no casualties associated with the incident.

An Indian Railways official said an express train from Chhattisgarh to Rajasthan hit a freight train from behind in the early hours of Wednesday, causing four of its wheels to derail in Gondia district, Maharashtra. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the incident.

According to a SECR officer, the incident happened between Gudhma and Gondia stations around 01:20. “Prima facie, the driver of the locomotive of the express – Bhagat Ki Kothi SF Express (20843) – was unable to control the train, due to which he hit the brake van of an oncoming freight train stood before him,” a senior SECR official said. said.

“Due to the impact, four wheels of a carriage of the express train derailed. But no passengers were seriously injured in the incident. Only a few were slightly injured. A passenger suffering from anxiety was been admitted to hospital,” he said.

A medical rescue train and railway officers arrived at the scene of the crash after being notified, he said. The official said restoration work was started immediately and the fast train then resumed its route.

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Jose P. Rogers