Poignant moment Keighley and Worth Valley Railway steam locomotive makes final journey after safety certificate expires

The Midland Railway 4F engine’s accreditation for safe operation expired on New Year’s Eve, and it will now go into storage until the Heritage Line can secure funds for repairs to bring it back into operation again. driving condition.

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The storm-damaged Wensleydale Railway train and the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway…

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The locomotive, 43924, has spent the past decade running on the line and was built in 1920 for the Midland Railway, which originally operated the branch between Keighley and Oxenhope which is now part of the preserved route.

The engine carried a Mince Pie Special for its last day of work

He spent his last day on duty working on one of the Mince Pie Special trains and was described as a “popular and regular entertainer” by the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

The engine, nicknamed Big Goods, was removed from the main line in 1965 and saved from scrapping in 1970. It initially ran on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway until 1987 when a delay of repair required it to be taken out of service and given a major overhaul that ended up taking nearly 25 years. It was only returned to service in 2011.

Photographer Robert Batty, who captured his last trip on December 31, said: “The railway can only overhaul a limited number of locomotives at a time and are currently working on two more locomotives. They will have a plan as to locomotives he will be putting through an overhaul, and right now there’s no talk of having 43924 undergo an overhaul. It’s one of those never say never times, but it could take a few years later when he spins the wheel. He waited 23 years between his last two tickets.”

Big Goods waits at the platform
To get on the train
The locomotive was described as “popular and regular”

Jose P. Rogers