Police presence at Greyhound leads to closure of Stadium station light rail

The Stadium Station light rail stop is closed due to police activity at the nearby Seattle Greyhound bus terminal, a spokesperson for Sound Transit confirms.

Line trains operate but do not serve the stations between SODO and the international district.

Sound Transit is in the process of providing buses to those affected by the closure.

Commuters report seeing a man armed with a gun at the Greyhound bus station, although this has not been confirmed by the Seattle Police Department.

KIRO Newsradio has contacted the SPD for clarification.


The stadium tram stop is open again following police activity at the nearby Greyhound bus station.

Sound Transit says all Line 1 services have resumed normal service.

Editorโ€™s note: A Sound Transit spokesperson told KIRO Newsradio, in error, that the SoDo station had shut down. This article has been updated to reflect the closure of Stadium Station.

Jose P. Rogers