Portugal plans $4.7 billion Lisbon-Porto high-speed rail line

Portugal is embarking on the high-speed train. The country’s prime minister, António Costa, unveiled on Wednesday provides for a new amount of 4.7 billion dollars (4.9 billion) passenger rail line which, when it opens in 2030, will reduce train journey times between Lisbon and Porto from an hour and a half to an hour and 19 minutes.

The planned line will link Lisbon’s Oriente station to Porto’s Campanha station just over 300 km to the north. It will include four intermediate stops in Leiria, Coimbra, Aveiro and Gaia. Additionally, Costa said the new line will eventually stretch from Porto to the Spanish city of Vigo, about 160 km to the north, where it will connect to Spain’s AVE high-speed rail network. The extension will include stops at Porto airport, Braga and Valença.

A train at Lisbon Oriente station. (Chester025/Flickr)

In the comments posted on Twitter, Costa stressed the importance of connecting the two largest cities in Portugal as well as the country’s international competitiveness for investment. The high-speed rail line will also help put the country “at the forefront of the fight against climate change, [and] changing the mobility paradigm.

Trains have taken on renewed importance across Europe amid reduced carbon emissions and soaring energy prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. France, for example, domestic flights prohibited on the roads where a train makes the trip in two and a half hours or less. And, in Germany, a local and regional so-called “9 euro” rail pass this summer exceeded expectations – and proved doubters wrong – by boosting rail travel and helping to ease the pain of high rail prices. energy.

Jose P. Rogers