RAIB releases details of collision between engineering carriage and GWR passenger train in Oxfordshire

The incident happened at 6.09am on Thursday October 21 and involved the Great Western Railway passenger service at 5.23am from London Paddington to Swansea.

The GWR service hit the engineering carriage, which had been left on the line near Challow in Oxfordshire, with the train traveling at 123mph (198 km/h) when it hit the carriage.

The train was able to stop approximately 2.5 km after the collision without derailing and no injuries were reported among the passengers traveling on board.

During the incident, the trolley handle became lodged under the train’s leading bogie, with the trolley causing damage to the train’s frame. Overall, the collision resulted in minor track damage, however, the trolley itself was destroyed by the impact.

The GWR service involved in the incident was the first to pass through the area after being returned from engineering work which was carried out the previous night.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) carried out a preliminary examination and found that the trolley had been inadvertently left on the track following work that had taken place in a possession.

The RAIB investigation will seek to uncover the sequence of events leading up to this incident and will also consider:

  • Processes in place to manage vehicles such as carts in possessions
  • The training, competence and management supervision of personnel involved, including any factors that may have influenced their actions
  • Any relevant underlying factors.

The inquest will also look into a similar incident at 5.55am on September 8, 2021, which saw a passenger service between Staines and London Waterloo hit an engineering carriage approaching Twickenham station which had also been left on the line after dark. engineering works. The RAIB will no longer publish a separate safety summary for this incident.

The findings will be published by the RAIB and will include recommendations for improving safety, which will appear at the end of the survey and can be viewed on their website.

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