Replacement Drive Wheels for 5551 The Unknown Warrior Steam Locomotive

The LMS Patriot Project has released an update on the build of LMS Patriot #5551 The Unknown Warrior.

Two of the locomotive’s replacement six-wheel drives have now been cast by Sheffield-based William Cook Cast Products – these were completed in May.

A small amount of repair work was done on the wooden models before a casting could take place. The model was loaned to the project by Tyseley Locomotive Works who originally created the model for Jubilee 45699 Galatea, which needed 2WD fabricated after a derailment at Barry Scrapyard.

The need for six new drive wheels for the locomotive is due to cracks being found in the original castings.

The two new drive wheel housing castings are being prepared for testing and inspection.

After the castings pass the tests, the remaining castings can be produced and tested.

The next step will be the machining of proofs of the castings.

Orders have also been placed for the supply of six drive wheel tires as well as the machining and assembly of the new drive wheel assemblies.

Although this is a major expense for the project, they say it’s all budgeted as part of the planned fundraiser for the year.

If you would like to donate towards the construction of 5551 The Unknown Warrior, you can do so on the LMS Patriot Project website.

Jose P. Rogers