Sample Photos and Videos of HO Scale Geared Steam Locomotives Shared by UK Manufacturer

KR Models Ltd. presents its new Shay

A model maker is “preparing” customers for a new HO Scale Shay steam locomotive that will hit the market in 2022.

UK-based KR Models Ltd. recently posted sample product photos and a test video that show the company’s version of the classic forest locomotive moving forward and backward on YouTube.

According to an advertisement in the December 2021 issue of Model Railroader, the model is based on Lima’s two-truck 50-ton class B Shay first built in 1884.

Black steam locomotive model on a table.
A production sample of the KR Models Ltd. Class B Lima Shay geared steam locomotive.

Shay locomotives are based on Ephraim Shay’s designs for a steam locomotive that converts steam energy into mechanical energy that turns gears, which turn the locomotives’ flanged wheels. Shay locomotives were the most manufactured and widely used geared steam locomotives in the world and used on railroads where high grip was required – especially on forestry, mining and industrial lines.

Finished models should have ESU LokSound V5 sound decoders; cast iron frame; external working valve gear and drive shafts, and working directional lights, front and rear.

The potential customer can express his interest in one of the six variants: Arcata n° 7; West Side Lumber Co. No. 6; Canadian Pacific No. 111; Merrill & Ring Lumber Co. No. 3; Southwestern Portland Cement Co. No. 12; Sugar Pine Lumber Co. No. 10; and undecorated, unnumbered, painted black.

DCC Ready models are priced at $299. DCC equipped models are $339 and DCC models with sound are $449.

More information is available on the KR Models website.

Production sample from KR Models Ltd. of an HO scale Lima Shay Class B geared steam locomotive.

Jose P. Rogers