Scots Guardsman steam locomotive 46115 will haul Carnforth to York this Sunday

46115 Scots Guardsman are set to be on the main line this Sunday October 2, with The Lune Rivers Trust special from Carnforth to York and back.

The locomotive should carry the tour throughout.

Departing Carnforth at 9.41am, the tour will pass through Wennington (10.00am), Bentham (10.13am), Clapham (10.20am), Hellifield (10.42am), Gargrave (11.14am), Skipton (11.20am), Keighley (11.44am), Shipley ( 11.54am), Leeds (12.35pm), Micklefield (12.55pm) and York at 1.13pm.

After a time in York, the tour will depart at 5.10pm and return to Carnforth via the same route as the outward journey, passing through Church Fenton (5.25pm), Leed (5.46pm), Shipley (6.06pm), Keighley (6.17pm), Skipton ( 6.31pm), Hellifield (6.50pm), Bentham (7.50pm), Wennington (8.04pm) and Carnforth at 8.25pm.

These times above in parentheses are approximate times. If you want up-to-date schedules, please click here for tracking links.

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As always, please respect the dangers of the railway. Please do not trespass on the train tracks to view this iconic locomotive – stick to public access points.

Jose P. Rogers