Several dead after passenger train derails in crash with dump truck

Several people died after a train hit a dump truck at a public level crossing in Missouri on Monday afternoon.

The incident happened at 1:42 p.m. on Monday, June 27 near Mendon, Missouri.

According to SF Gate, the dump truck was carrying some kind of rock at the time of the accident, which derailed eight railcars and locomotives. The truck driver died in the crash, along with two train passengers. There were approximately 243 passengers and 12 crew members on board the train. More than 40 patients were transported to nearby hospitals for treatment.

“All of a sudden the car we were in stopped and everyone was flying everywhere. Seats were coming apart. Bags were going everywhere. And then after it stopped, you could feel the fumes and people started panicking, thinking it was going to catch fire, so we tried to get out as fast as we could,” said Amtrak passenger Jason Drinkard, who boarded the train in Kansas City. Union Station.

“It all happened in slow motion. It started rocking and rocking, then flickering, then suddenly — all that dust was coming through my window,” said Robert Nightingale, a passenger who was napping in a sleeping car at the time of the incident.He said he had to crawl through his overturned car, down the hallway, and then into another room with an unblocked window to escape the train.

“It hit something major to make…every car explode,” he said.

Two scout troops returning from the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico were aboard the crashed train, and the scouts were able to rescue the truck driver just before he died.

“In true scouting fashion, scouts helped fellow travelers before they worried about anything for themselves,” said Scott Armstrong, director of national media relations for the Boy Scouts of America.

“It was one of our scouts who actually discovered the driver of the dump truck that hit, located him near the impact and gave him help and comfort until the driver passes away,” Armstrong continued.

This train accident was the second in two days involving an Amtrak train and a passenger vehicle. 85 passengers were on board a train that hit a vehicle in the California countryside on Sunday. Three people were killed in the accident and two were seriously injured – all people inside the passenger vehicle.

No further information about Monday’s wreckage has been released.

Jose P. Rogers