Shots fired at a passenger train in the far south

Locomotive driver targeted; suspended service,

A bullet hit the window of the locomotive of a passenger train bound for Sungai Kolok on Thursday. No injuries were reported. (Photo: Waedao Harai)

NARATHIWAT: Several shots were fired at a passenger train bound for Sungai Kolok in Rueso district around noon on Thursday.

A bullet pierced the driver’s front window of the locomotive at head level.

Fortunately, driver Phiman Mitsuwan and train engineer Himgam Yusor remained unharmed.

Bangkok-Sungai Kolok fast train No.171 was attacked between Balo station and Rueso station.

Prachaniwat Buasri, assistant locomotive inspector for the National Railway Authority of Thailand, said judging by the bullet holes and the trajectory, it was clear the attacker was aiming for the driver of the locomotive.

The attack has shaken the morale of engine crews and other train staff on the southern line, who were just doing their jobs, Mr Prachaniwat said.

Services on the line were immediately suspended, affecting the Sungai Kolok-Bangkok express train, the Sungai Kolok-Bangkok rapid train and all local trains heading to Sungai Kolok.

Travelers had to embark or disembark at Yala station. Affected ticket holders can request a refund at the nearest station.

The bullet hole in the driver’s window of the locomotive.. (Photo: Waedao Harai)

Police and railway officers inspect the train after the attack near Rueso station in Narathiwat. (Photo: Waedao Harai)

(Photo: Waedao Harai)

Jose P. Rogers