Silver Dollar City shares updates after train derailment

BRANSON, Mo. – Seven people were taken to the hospital for treatment with non-life-threatening injuries after a train derailed Wednesday at Silver Dollar City in Branson.

The investigation begins

The Frisco Silver Dollar Line steam train derailed Wednesday night (10/26/22). Silver Dollar City released a statement on Twitter which said six guests and one employee had been transported to local hospitals by ambulance.

Stone County firefighters said Wednesday night that no one’s life was in danger.

Missouri Division of Fire Safety tweeted It was Thursday afternoon that his team concluded the first stage of the investigation into the derailment of the train. This includes initial interviews, document review, and stage and equipment review. Investigators will be back another day with an engineering firm to investigate further.

The tweet also said investigators have not determined what derailed the train.

A spokesperson for the Missouri Division of Fire Safety said the ride had an up-to-date permit and Silver Dollar City was cooperating with the investigation.

The Frisco Silver Dollar Line steam train takes park visitors in 20 minutes through Silver Dollar City. According to SDC’s Rider Accessibility Guide, passengers can expect “a slow train ride and show.” The attraction’s webpage says it’s temporarily closed.

Silver Dollar City Statement

Silver Dollar City released a statement Thursday saying four train cars on the Frisco Silver Dollar steam line derailed, with about 160 guests on board. The train has a capacity of 250 passengers.

SDC said its on-the-park emergency services responded to treat the passengers and then took them to the parking lot where Stone County responders assessed injuries.

Workers from the park’s “CARE team” went to the hospital on Wednesday to offer their support.

SDC said five out of six people and the hospitalized employee have been released from the hospital.

“It is a blessing that no life-threatening injuries have been reported,” the statement said.

The park is in contact with those involved in the derailment, and the SDC said it is cooperating with the state fire marshal’s office in its investigation.

Witness account

KOLR10 anchor Bailey Strohl was in contact with a passenger on the train on Wednesday. This passenger was in the second car from the rear of the train.

She said their car and those in front of them were completely on their side and passengers had to break the windows to get out.

The passenger said a man near her had lower back problems and was taken by ambulance to be safe. She also said that a lady whose glasses broke her face and the woman was bleeding.

The passenger said there was a little boy on the train who was so excited to get on, but after the incident he said he didn’t like trains anymore.

Jose P. Rogers