SLC Operations celebrates its new status as a passenger train operator

Midlands-based SLC Operations (SLCO) celebrated their new status as a licensed rail operator with an appearance at COP26.

SLCO is based in Kings Norton and was formed in early 2020 by Cath Bellamy, Adrian Shooter and Ian Walters.

All are former senior executives of Chiltern Railways.

The company was established with the vision of becoming a market leader in the provision of rail operational support, including:

  • Collection and delivery of rail vehicles
  • Rail service planning
  • Introduction/acceptance of new rolling stock, including error-free and mileage accumulation
  • Driver and caretaker rental
  • Driver rental and on-call instructor

SLCO is also gaining a reputation as one of the specialist train driver training providers in the UK.

This is provided by the company’s subsidiary, The Rail Academy.

The Rail Academy offers driver/crew training and final assessments for trainee level 3 train drivers.

This comes just a year after SLCO was granted permission to become a licensed passenger-free rail operator.

SLCO detailed the history that led to the granting of the passenger operating licence.

Cath Bellamy, Managing Director of SLCO, said: “The last 12 months have been spent building the business.

“Use our initial license to assist customers with rolling stock movements and the introduction of new/modified trains to the network.

“This has included support from VivaRail, Transport for Wales (TfW) and South Western Railway (SWR) with the mileage accrual and faultless operation of TfW’s new diesel/battery hybrid and third rail-type rolling stock from SWR earlier this year.

“With our new passenger operating licence, we are initially looking to help local interest groups and local government provide passenger railways and connections where there are currently none.

“We are already actively discussing with a range of organizations possible opportunities.”

At the COP26 climate conference, SLCO supported VivaRail and Network Rail to run the UK’s first emissions-free fully battery-powered mainline passenger train.

Jose P. Rogers