Some Auckland passenger train services will be reduced after track subsidence is discovered

Train services will have to run every 30 minutes between Swanson and New Lynn, with services between New Lynn and Britomart every 20 minutes, Auckland Transport said. Passengers traveling through New Lynn in either direction will need to transfer between trains in New Lynn. Customer ambassadors will be on hand to assist passengers.

“Auckland Transport is working closely with KiwiRail and our train operator Auckland One Rail to minimize disruption to passengers,” Auckland Transport said.

“We realize that these changes will be frustrating for our passengers, but it is important that KiwiRail is able to take the necessary steps to resolve this issue, keep our passengers safe and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

Auckland Transport did not say how long the reduced timetable would be in place.

The sagging issue was discovered during a routine inspection of the West Line on Monday when KiwiRail staff discovered movement in an overhead power pole.

After its discovery, the speed at the scene was reduced to 25 km/h while an investigation was underway. This continued on Tuesday when staff confirmed there appeared to be sag under the track.

“KiwiRail is undertaking on-the-ground investigations to confirm how soon work can be completed to allow rail services to resume normal service,” Auckland Transport added.

Jose P. Rogers