Southern California to Las Vegas high-speed train likely to be built in 2023 | Stephanie Leguichard

A private railway company called Brightline Funds plans to build a rail line between Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Brightline Holdings is the only private passenger railroad company in the United States. Construction is currently expected to begin in early 2023 and the company expects that by 2026 the rail line will be complete.

The high-speed rail line will carry Californians and Nevadans at speeds of up to 180 to 200 miles per hour, with speeds varying between different segments of the rail line. This would allow passengers staying in Vegas to travel from Los Angeles to the entertainment capital of the world in just three and a half hours.

The project is likely to receive financial aid and the federal government’s low-interest financing options due to the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that passed in November 2021. Electric rail is expected to cost approximately $8 billion.

In a recent statementthe company said the following:

“Brightline looks forward to working with the Federal Railroad Administration to finalize the licensing process and make this US high-speed train demonstration system. Brightline West is the most ready-to-use project in the nation and offers the best opportunity for this country to have a new high-speed rail system in the next few years, realizing the success of this administration’s goals related to jobs, climate and equity.”

The company is owned by a billionaire and Wall Street tycoon wes-edenwhich aims to whet America’s appetite for public transportation by providing an alternative to the automobile in some of the country’s most congested areas, like Miami, Orlando and Los Angeles.

According to Edens, “The lack of rail passenger travel in this country is a travesty. It’s a gigantic opportunity.”

However, given the degree of adoption of an automobile-centric lifestyle in American culture, changing public preferences may prove to be a challenge – even if high-speed rail would offer a reprieve from the endless road journeys and the many annoyances of traffic jams.

Jose P. Rogers