Steam locomotive 70000 Britannia will visit Bristol, Hereford and Shrewsbury this Wednesday

70,000 Britannia will carry Saphos’ Le Welsh Marches Express trains this Wednesday 7th September 2022.

The tour departs from Poole with diesel locomotives at 05.08am and will pass through Bournemouth (05.19am), Brockenhurst (05.41am), Southampton Central (05.59am), Eastleigh (06.13am), Romsey (06.50am), Salisbury (07.13am), Westbury (07.43am), Bradford-on-Avon (08:01), Bath Spa (08:18) and Bristol Temple Meads (08:53).

Here, the steam locomotive takes over from the train. Departing Bristol at 9.13am, the train will pass through Filton Abbey Wood (9.25am), Severn Tunnel Junction (9.42am), Pontypool and New Inn (10.32am), Hereford (11.13am), Craven Arms (12.38pm) and Shrewsbury at 1.05pm.

After a few hours in Shrewsbury, the train will depart at 3.46pm and return via the same route one way, via Hereford (4.52pm), Pontypool and New Inn (6.12pm), Severn Tunnel Junction (6.00pm). 47), Filton Abbey Wood (7:04 p.m.), Bristol Temple Meads (7:13 p.m. – DIESEL TRANSPORTED FROM HERE), Bath Spa (7.47pm), Bradford-on-Avon (8.02pm), Westbury (8.16pm), Salisbury (9.03pm), Romsey (9.31pm), Eastleigh (9.51pm), Southampton Central (10.02pm), Brockenhurst (10.20pm), Bournemouth ( 10:47 p.m.) and Poole at 11:02 p.m.

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As always, please respect the dangers of the railway. Please do not trespass on the train tracks to view this iconic locomotive – stick to public access points.

Jose P. Rogers