Steam Sounds Supreme / Victory Works WD 2-10-0 Steam Locomotive Pack for Train Simulator

Steam Sounds Supreme and Victory Works recently released their WD 2-10-0 Steam Locomotive Pack for Train Simulator Classic, and they very kindly sent a copy to RailAdvent for us to review.

Among a number of features, the pack includes a number of liveries, speed player comps, and custom sounds.

What is included in the price?

For the asking price of £14.50, the pack includes the entire WD 2-10-0 class, including preservation members, along with custom sounds and a great animation of A15 tanks being loaded onto wagons.

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First impressions

As always, Steam Sounds Supreme and Victory Works pulled this pack out of the top drawer. There are plenty of options to play with in free roam, letting you choose the exact loco you want. The custom sounds and textures really help complete a sense of realism on whatever route you want to drive these locomotives.

3672 Lady Vera Lynn // Credit: RailAdvent

There are no tutorial scenarios for the pack, which would have been nice, as an in-game visual representation is much easier than reading a manual. That said, the manual is detailed and explains everything you need to know about the pack with regard to the three driving modes.

It’s great to see that no other requirements are needed for the pack, so it’s a straight jump in and you’re set.

Optimization and detail

When it comes to optimization, you can say that SSS/VW have made this addon as detailed as possible, while still allowing everyone to play the pack. The add-on showed no signs of lag in-game and performed well throughout our testing.

A high quality of texture detail is seen across the range of the pack whether you choose to drive a preserved, clean or weathered version of the locomotive.

Altered Condition 2-10-0
Altered condition 2-10-0 // Credit: RailAdvent

I had no issues with hotkeys or controls when it comes to driving and the number of locomotives you have means you have a plethora of scenario ideas to create.

General game

Driving the locomotives is really awesome, and what’s really nice to see are the three driving modes (basic, simple, advanced), meaning you can have any level of driving skill and still be able to take advantage of the package.

It’s somewhat disappointing that only one scenario is included in the pack, I would have liked to see more scenarios that came as standard, as these tend to show the pack at its best. It would also have been good to drive the retained models on the KWVR road, SVR road, etc. Please see below for more information on this.

Speaking of preserved models, the pack includes the mention “as preserved”. models of 600 ‘Gordon’, which is based on the Severn Valley Railway, 90775, which is based on the North Norfolk Railway, and 3672 Dame Vera Lynn which is on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. It’s great to see, because although there is no scenario, you can create your own.

Preserved models included in the pack
Preserved models included in the pack // Credit: RailAdvent

The biggest WOW is that the pack comes with the animated tank loadout. The included storyline shows this brilliantly, as the ramp wagon is fully animated and the tanks physically move on the wagons. It’s not seen often, so it’s a great addition to the pack.

Animated tank loading
Animated tank loading // Credit: RailAdvent

As for Quick Drives, the locomotives are all compatible, so you can hop on any route and take it for a ride.

Although there is only one scenario in the pack, the locomotives themselves are easy to find in the scenario editor, so you can let your imagination run wild with ideas for running the locomotive .

Negative points?

The only negative of the pack is the lack of scenarios, as I said above, these show the loco at its best on a specific course, and to see that they are missing is a little disappointing. However, the rest of the platoon catches up, including the animated tank loading.

Before publishing this review, we spoke to Steam Sounds Supreme to ask about the lack of storylines, in case I’m missing a vital road, etc. SSS explained that a community vote came back suggesting against the usual number of scenarios. So, while still disappointing, that’s what the community at large thought.

No doubt the community will get behind the pack to create some scenarios.

Gordon // Credit: RailAdvent

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the pack is pleasant, detailed and excellent to drive. The three riding modes allow you to push yourself to learn the more advanced modes or keep it simple.

The lack of scenarios is disappointing, I would have liked to see a variety of scenarios for the asking price of £14.50.

3672 Lady Vera Lynn
3672 Dame Vera Lynn // Credit: RailAdvent

However, small additions like animated tank loading are really nice to see and aren’t something you see in every pack.

We plan to stream it on our Twitch channel in the next few days. If you want to see and hear the locomotive in action, as well as the animated tank loading, follow us on Twitch to find out when we go live.

The WD 2-10-0 add-on is available for £14.50 from the Steam Sounds Supreme store by clicking here.

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I would definitely buy this locomotive pack and add it to your Train Sim collection, if it’s just to play with it in free roam/Quick Drive, or to start creating your own scenarios with it.

Many thanks to Steam Sounds Supreme for sending us a copy for review.

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