Sydney tram: Moment of confrontation between bookworm commuters and a rude tirade

Moment of confrontation, an innocent tram passenger and book reader faces a rude rant from a fellow commuter – as the internet applauds how he ignores the taunts

  • Passengers left stone-faced by rude passenger on Sydney tram
  • The man spotted another passenger reading a book with ‘Mao’ in the title
  • He started screaming after seeing the Chinese revolutionary’s name on the book
  • The man berated the reader, who ignored him for the duration of the rant

A shocking video has emerged of a tram commuter launching into a rude tirade at a passenger reading a book about Chinese Chairman Mao.

Footage on social media shows a man cradling a can of raspberry cider and – after first practicing pronouncing the infamous communist’s name – ranting to the Sydney bookworm about political correctness.

“I take it you think there are 50 genders?” the man in the hat taunts the reader. ‘Mao can be identified as a dog? Woof Woof!’

The passenger remains unfazed – and doesn’t say a word in response, determined to ignore it.

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Innocent commuters minding their own business were subjected to an uncensored rant about Mao Zedong by a passenger holding a can of hard cider (pictured right)

As passengers try to ignore the commuter’s loud rant, he continues: ‘And if you say anything against it, you’re a fucking racist, homophobic. There are 50 million genera.

A small child in a pram interrupts the jet by making animal noises.

The dotard then appears to threaten to hit the commuter in the head – “I’ll hit your head when we get down, bro” – before a sudden change of heart.

“God bless you, God bless you, man. You can believe what you want to believe, but I’ve been through it, my family has been through it. That (communism) never works.

The man reading then sets down his book, Mao’s Great Famine, a non-fiction about how the communist revolution left China engulfed in famine and violence – for his phone.

The man put his book away halfway through the rant, revealing it was a historical title –

The man put his book away halfway through the rant, revealing it to be a historical title – ‘Mao’s Great Famine’ – about the failures of China’s communist revolution of the 1900s and the great Chinese famine of 1958 to 1962, and not of a text in support of socialist philosophies as the passenger believed

The cider-clasping passenger continued to say that people who read books are “privileged.” “We will make socialism work because we are white,” he continued.

Many who saw the original images online were completely bewildered – and praised the book reader for keeping their cool.

“(This) guy doesn’t even reply to him, doesn’t give him the retaliation he wants,” another wrote.

“You think (the complainer) flexes the f**k out of his right calf to assert his dominance?” another joked.


Jose P. Rogers