The closed section of R-Line light rail in Aurora will reopen on November 28 | Company

After months of delays, R-Line light rail services will be fully restored on Nov. 8, according to the Regional Transportation District.

The train derailed on September 21 – its second derailment in four years – while making a nearly 90-degree turn on South Sable Boulevard and East Exposition Avenue, causing minor injuries to three people and damage to railway electrical infrastructure and wagons.

RTD said it would require trains to stop at the Sable and Exposition intersection before crossing it and would require trains to slow from 35mph to 25mph as they approach the curve.

After the accident, the R line was closed between Florida and 13th Avenue in Aurora and RTD launched a shuttle service to move people around the closure. RTD abruptly canceled shuttle service on October 30 – to the anger of passengers and Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman.

Coffman posted a statement on Twitter expressing his frustration with the RTD delays, accusing the bureau of being uncanny during the month-long train stoppage when the shuttle cancellation was announced.

On January 28, 2019, an almost identical derailment occurred at the exact same location and, according to PUC reports, six people were injured and taken to hospital, including a woman whose leg was severed when the door of the train opened, ejecting him. of the car.

The probable cause of this accident mentioned in the report was excessive speed.

No analysis of the crash or repair costs has been released by RTD or the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

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