The proposed passenger train for the Cross Valley Corridor would connect South Valley towns including Huron, Lemoore, Visalia and Porterville to the Hanford High Speed ​​Rail Station

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) — As Kings County continues to struggle with high-speed rail, construction work is progressing.

The multi-billion dollar project will eventually connect the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles.

HSR’s contractor is already moving utilities to Kansas Avenue, west of Highway 43.

They plan to do the same work on Kent Avenue starting next week.

The Kings Tulare high-speed rail station will be further north, near the intersection of Highways 43 and 198 in Hanford.

The High-Speed ​​Rail Authority has also partnered with the Tulare County Governments Association (TCAG), which recently completed its final plan for the Cross Valley Corridor.

IN DEPTH: Cross Valley Corridor Plan (PDF)

Over the next ten years, the plan is to improve bus service between towns in the South Valley and build more transit centers close to the existing rail line that connects them.

After that, the plan is to start passenger rail service from Lemoore to Visalia, and eventually train service will be offered all the way from Huron to Porterville. Hanford High Speed ​​Rail Station is in the middle of the proposed line.

“Railway ridership is up in California, while bus ridership is currently down,” said TCAG’s Ben Kimball. “It follows the trend we see coming down the road.”

“We are very, very involved with TCAG, with the Fresno COG (Council of Governments), Kern COG, so we pay close attention to their transportation plans, they also include us in their plans as well,” the Authority said. high-speed rail. Public Information Officer Toni Tinoco.

Funding for the corridor project would be a combination of state and federal transit dollars.

But as with the bullet train, don’t expect to jump anytime soon, as completion is decades away.

“We’re the first to try something like this,” Kimball said. “We are truly revolutionizing modern rail travel in California.”

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