Tie rods fitted to steam locomotive 76077 for the first time in 54 years

Earlier this month, visitors to the second Toddington Standard Locomotive Limited Open Day were greeted by the progress of Standard 4 No 76077.

76077 was introduced with a number of additions to what was just a simple frameset just two years ago

For the first time since 1968 the drawbars were fitted and these were joined by the cab assembly being temporarily placed on the frames, with a cab side number.

The event took place at Locomotive Maintenance Services in Loughborough, where restoration is underway.

Restoration of 76077 is underway with the aim of having the locomotive running in 2026, the locomotive’s 70th anniversary.

Chris Irving, President of TSLL, commented: “It was a very exciting day marking another important milestone in the progress towards the completion of the restoration of this former Barry locomotive. The company is in a good position to meet current expenses with the success of our component sponsorship programme, now in its third edition. It really seems to have captured the imagination of our shareholders: it means they can identify specific items on their locomotive that they have paid for and it has helped ensure the fast pace of restoration. But we are keen to welcome new shareholders to ensure that we can meet future costs, not the least of which is the boiler.

“So many ex-Barry restorations have taken the thick end of 30 years or more to complete,” he says. “We have a very tight six-year timeline which, at the current rate of progress, is entirely achievable provided funding continues,” he says.

76077 in Loughborough // Credit: Ian Crowder

Meanwhile, in Toddington, work will soon begin on the trial fitting of the crinolines and covering, which have been fabricated off-site.

Next year the company hopes to have a major push to raise £150,000 to have the boiler overhauled.

In 1987 when the locomotive was purchased it was the last to leave the Woodham Bros scrapyard and meant that many components had been removed for further restorations.

When it moved to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway, where the locomotive will eventually run, the parts were removed, but as other locomotives were given priority work ceased in the early 1990s and the locomotive was stored for 30 years.

Fast forward to 2017 and a visit to Standard 4’s GWSR No. 76017 prompted a small group of members to open negotiations with the owner, Chris Hinton, with the result that the TSLL was formed to complete the restoration of the locomotive.

Work began in 2020 in Loughborough. Once back on steam, 76077 will run with a hired tender, which could be either a BR2A or a BR1B, if the latter is chosen it will be the only one of the retained locomotives to be fitted with a BR1B tender. The opinion of shareholders is sought. Chris Irving adds: “It is, after all, their locomotive and we will be building the tender they would like to see eventually paired with 76077.”

Jose P. Rogers